Tool Description

AguaAndes/Waterworld is a web based policy support system (PSS) based on the FIESTA hydrological model (Mulligan and Burke 2005; Mulligan et al., 2010; Bruijnzeel, Mulligan and Scatena 2011) and previous policy support systems including DESURVEY PSS). When used inside the Andes mountain range the system is referred to as AguAAndes and has been further developed for the Challenge Programme on Water and Food basin focal project for the Andes and the COMPANDES project. When applied elsewhere in the world the PSS is referred to as WaterWorld. The PSS is a testbed for the development and implementation of land and water related policies, enabling intended and unintended consequences to be tested in silico before they are tested in vivo. It incorporates detailed spatial datasets at 1-square km and 1 hectare resolution globally, spatial models for biophysical and socioeconomic processes along with scenarios for climate, land use and economic change. A series of interventions (policy options) are available which can be implemented and their consequences traced through the socio-economic and biophysical systems. The model integrates with a range of geobrowsers for immersive visualisation of outcomes. A series of policy exercises are provided and the model can be used by policy analysts, scientists and students in Spanish or English. Works best in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Your browser must have Javascript enabled and any pop-up blockers disabled.


  • all data supplied, process model, spatially detailed, fast, easy to use


  • does not include subsurface processes

Skills needed

Use of web browser, GIS skills useful but not necessary

Tech support available

Yes online support via chat and email available and online training available via skype, user manual available

Equipment Needs

Firefox web browser, internet access

Data Needs

None - all data supplied

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Last Updated: August 7, 2011, 5:24 pm